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Albert and Lynn Moschetti Wedding - September 9, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, I performed a lovely wedding ceremony for Albert and Lynn Moschetti which was held at the Crystal Springs resort in Hamburg, NJ. I have performed many weddings at this resort and I highly recommend having a wedding there as the place and food are fantastic. The wait staff was very attentive to the bride and her bridal party and they were quite punctual in making sure the wedding began on time. The cocktail party was amazing and the views at this resort are just beautiful.

Ankit and Ana Miledy Patel Wedding - June 18, 2017

Congratulations to Ankit and Milie on their wedding day today. These two love birds married at the Hanover Marriott in NJ late this afternoon. The sun made way to party cloudy skies which cooled down the outside venue where the ceremony took place.

Tymishia and Anibal Alexander - October 31, 2016

Today I performed a fun Halloween wedding held at the Mountainview restaurant in Clifton, NJ. Most of the guests dressed up in funny Halloween costumes and their decorations for their lunch tables consisted of skeletons, back birds, black netting and black candles. The bride and groom even brought masks to wear for their reception.

Brian and Anna Andres - October 22, 2016

Congratulations to Brian and Anna Andres on their wedding day today. Although the weather at the Wyckoff Sanctuary was cold, windy and raining, by the time the wedding began, the sun came out and the winds died down. I even joked with the groom telling him that it would be nice to see some deer some out today and long and behold, a whole group of deer surfaced. It was the perfect autumn day to get married as the colored leaves decorated the entire place with white swans gently floating through their pond area.

Robyn and Paul Vogel - October 2, 2016

Congratulations to Robyn and Paul Vogel this morning on their wedding which was held at Perona Farms in Andover, NJ.

Jenna & Brad Domenico Wedding - July 23, 2016

Yesterday evening, I performed a wedding ceremony for Jenna & Brad Domenico which was held at the Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, NJ. This was the third wedding that I performed at this country club and I must say that their food at the cocktail hour never disappoints me. As a matter of fact, they have the best cocktail foods that I have been to. The place is magnificent with its outdoor beautiful water pool with fountains.

Lindsey and Kevin Crean - July 9, 2016

Last evening I performed a beautiful wedding ceremony for Lindsey and Kevin Crean at the Brownstone in Patterson, NJ. Many NJ people have heard of the Brownstone as the owner/wife of the venue place can be seen on the famous TV show Housewives of NJ. The cocktail hour was terrific with their specialty meat items that they are known for such as Roasted Pig, London Broil and many other items that were quite delicious. The place has many banquet rooms and caters to many social functions there.

Elaine and Jeff Weinacker - May 28, 2016

Yesterday, I performed a beautiful wedding ceremony over the the Skyview Golf Club located in Sparta, NJ. Although they had no cocktail hour, the reception area was quite lovely with its decorated gardens and lush green landscaping.

Jason and Courtney Cole - April 30, 2016

Congratulations to Jason and Courtney Cole on their wedding day held at the Basking Ridge Country Club.


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