There are many couples that contact me in regards to marrying them. Many of my couples can't afford to have a large wedding with guests. There are solutions to having a wedding with guests that will not exceed your life savings. First of all, you may want to consider having your ceremony when it is warm so you can have it outside where there is a place with a gazebo in case it rains. If you don't want to have an outdoor wedding, you may want to have it in a house that can provide some space for guests. Most of my couples choose to have a short ceremony in a park where they can have several guests attend. Make sure you get park approval before you make these arrangements. Northern, New Jersey have many lovely parks in the towns of: Wyckoff, Glen Rock, Fair Lawn, Ridgewood and Paramus just to name a few. If you have a large family, you may want to have it at a friend's home outside and have family members contibute a food dish for this festivity. My couples usually tie the knot on July 4th where they can not only celebrate their marriage, but decorate the area in red, white and blue colors which look great for your special day. Have a friend or family member take photos and allocate people to set up and clean up after the wedding ceremony ends. 
Apr 10, 2018 By Deb