celebrant toast advice

If you have been given the honor of creating a toast for the bride and groom, here are some helpful tips listed


  1. Make sure there is a mic for you to speak in.
  2. I would check with the DJ to see if he/she can announce that the toast will be starting.
  3. Begin by clinking a glass several times to allow for everyone to be seated.
  4. Determine what type of audience you’re catering to. If the audience is made up of mostly older people, I would strongly consider making a more traditional speech verses roasting the bride and groom which may not be appropriate for the attending guests.
  5. Thank the parents (if they are in attendance), friends and family members for being here on this special day.
  6. When creating the wedding speech, you can certainly share a personal story that will be appealing to guests on how you became friends with the bride and groom.
  7. Make sure your speech is caring and warm knowing that everybody seated will be listening to what you have to say.
  8. Keep the speech short. Once you’re finished with your speech, have the audience raise their glass and say (“To (say the couple’s names) and take a sip. Everybody else will follow.
  9. Make sure you ask the audience if there is anybody else that would like to come up to the mic to give a speech.
Mar 11, 2018 By Deb