Over the years, many brides and grooms to be have asked the same question as to what content to use when reciting a wedding vow. Several years ago, I was asked to perform a wedding on TV's "Four Weddings." My couple on that show did not want to go overboard in spending lots of money on their wedding nor did they want anything elaborate. My couple had a young daughter and they wanted her to have part in their wedding celebration. When I sat down with them to create their wedding ceremony script, I asked them what were the important items that each of them wanted to say to the other. As they recited some of these important items, I went back home and created their wedding vows in rhyme. I thought it would be original for them and enjoyable for their audience to hear their love story magically come alive in a fun and festive way. The show took many months to shoot and once it did air, I got to see first hand how much back stabbing went on as I watched with sadness how four couples who seemed to be very close friends when they were taping, could be so cut throat on TV. You see, the show is all about winning a honeymoon and four couples compete with each other in categories such as rating their overall wedding, the dress, venue and food. When the show aired, I was sad to watch all this meaness unfold and felt horrible for my bride and groom to watch this and not know what the other couples were saying about them behind their backs.

In the end, my couple did not win the honeymoon and probably felt quite uncomfortable watching this air with their friends and family members all watching the show. The moral to this story is, if you are looking to have a memorable wedding don't do this on TV! There are many places to get married and TV reality shows look for innocent couples to poke fun and humiliate. I suppose for people that enjoy reading gossip magazines and watching these reality shows it's a shame that this constitutes entertainment for them. There are better ways to entertain yourself then watching others get put down and belittled. 

Mar 1, 2018 By Deb