Marry Me Ceremony New Jersey

In my years of creating wedding ceremonies, I have come across many couples that are excited, anxious or nervous. What makes a good Wedding Officiant? When I first meet with my couples, I truly want to know how they met and what their dream wedding entails. Many of my couples know what they want while others are not sure. In these two scenarios, it is important to take lots of notes and to understand their concerns and to present ideas and guide them into making a decision that best fits their needs.

As I explain to my couples, my role is to give them good advice. It is important to me that they get their initial wedding scripts early in the process so that they have plenty of time to review, edit and make any changes needed as we begin to build the final ceremony script. Many brides may think this is an easy process for a wedding officiant to do, but it takes time to create initial scripts so that the couple can get a sense of what it will look like when completed.  I try to get my couples to review their scripts sooner than later as they will have enough on their wedding plate to do as their wedding date quickly approaches.

Mar 24, 2018 By Deb